Clifton Forlines

Clifton Forlines

Bio & Contact

Clifton Forlines is a Senior Software Engineer at Draper Laboratory working in the Human-Centered Engineering group. His responsibilities include conducting contextual inquiries with end-users, designing and implementing user interfaces, building rapid prototypes of desktop and mobile systems, and leading software development teams. Previously, Clifton held a position at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories as a Research Scientist and at Carnegie Mellon's Stage3 research group as a Research Programmer for the Alice project.

His current research interests include the design of cognitive support tools; predictive analytics; and the design & evaluation of novel user interfaces, including digital video presentation, mobile devices, collaborative tabletops, multi-touch interaction, and multiuser workspaces.

Forlines has a BFA in Industrial Design, a Masters of Human-Computer Interaction and a Masters of Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon University and a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Toronto.

Clifton can best be reached at: forlines -at- cs -dot- cmu -dot- edu